Ben Harvey’s Tips for Cleansing your Inbox

26 March 2016


A few years ago, Ben Harvey was overweight, clinically depressed, professionally directionless and, to top it all off, $137,000 in debt. After two of his friends took their own lives in the space of one day, Ben decided he had to turn his life around. Without much else to lose, Ben decided to invest in his own education. Fast-forward a few years down the track, and Ben is now living the life of his dreams.

After researching psychological healing techniques such as reiki and hypnotherapy, Ben realised that too many of us are setting long-term goals that are doing nothing but stressing us out and stopping us from enjoying the present moment. Ben says the critical thing is to fall in love with the process of working, and to identify what it is that will truly make you happy.

In 2009 Ben founded his company Authentic Education, to help people uncover their true passions in life, equipping them with business strategies to turn these dreams into income. The company also runs life-workshops based on spirituality and self-growth, inspiring people to live their love.

In order to de-stress, it’s important to implement practical systems that enable you to love your work process. De-cluttering your inbox is a great place to start. Ben shares his top tips for cleansing your inbox and managing your emails below.

The goal is to have zero emails in your inbox at least once a week. Turning managing your emails in a game is a great way to create less stress.

Stop Hoarding Your Emails! Draw a line in the sand, and ‘archive’ all emails more than one month old. Then, read the 1st email, then the 2nd email, without ‘cherry picking’ the easier options.

For each email, use the FAST system:
FILE IT in folders for later, e.g Tax or Travel.
ACTION IT now, only if it takes less than 2 minutes, or if you have enough time.
SHIFT OR SCHEDULE the email to another time, or another person.
TRASH IT or unsubscribe. Creates ‘filters’ or ‘rules’ so certain emails skip the inbox and go directly into a folder.

As your inbox goes down, you will feel lighter and more productive!

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