From soil, to skin to soul – AEOS

9 August 2016


Skin care line, AEOS (Activated Energised Organic Skincare), has joined the McKell Media family! From soil, to skin, to soul, AEOS is 100% natural with award-winning formulations that are blended, purified and activated using cutting-edge technologies and innate expertise, resulting in a range of delectable textures, soul-soothing colours and heavenly aromas.

With a large range of essential beauty items, from cleansing oils, to facial mists and moisturisers, the AEOS revolutionary three-phase system transforms the way your skin looks, lives and breathes by harnessing the power of plants while amplifying their living energy.

Founder of AEOS, Sam Sargent, says “Our products are skin loving blends that not only nourish the body but also the soul. Each AEOS product is specifically designed to nourish and replenish the skin.”
Many of the ingredients are bio-dynamically farmed on The Shire farm, in Lincolnshire, England. Powerful extracts and essential oils of herbs and plants are cultivated to bring new life and vitality to the soil in which they grow, which in turn nourishes and strengthens our plants’ immune systems, before further energising with resonances of crystals and minerals once harvested. Nourishing the land and giving back to the earth makes AEOS one of the only brands on the market to encapsulate the earth’s pure essence.
AEOS brings a natural glow through all products and encapsulates the ability to age beautifully. It is the kindest and purest way to feed to mind and body.

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