Hanako Therapies Launches Happy Tracks!

1 March 2016


Long road trips, turbulent plane journeys or rocking boat rides are known to cause unsettledness in our tummies difficult to suppress. Embracing the healing properties of nature, Hanako Therapies has launched Happy Tracks, a soothing blend of essential oils and plant essences to help support and calm even the most anxious of tummies. HAPPY TRACKS copy

“After travelling through America with our young daughter, Willow, we were struck by how severely she suffered car sickness,” says Rachel Holm, founder of Hanako Therapies, “We searched high and low for a natural remedy to appease her unsettledness but was unable to find anything natural that would do the trick. So, using my knowledge and studies of aromatherapy and energetic healing, I developed my own blend to help stabilise her little body. Miraculously, after rubbing onto her feet and stomach the results spoke for themselves. The bucket companion retired, the tissues were put away and we were able to get on with the trip!”

According to Rachel, the blend was handcrafted and developed with the intention of soothing and calming the digestive system, known to cause upset stomach when the body is put in anxiety-driven situations.

“Whether you’re an anxious flyer, nervous presenter or simply want to suppress first date jitters, Happy Tracks was designed to help you get through the tougher moments, by settling the butterflies in your stomach,” says Rachel.

Rachel says that one of the main ingredients of Happy Tracks is peppermint. Known as the tonic for the nerves, it is one of the most effective essential oils to ease an unsettled digestive system.

Happy Tracks also contains lavender. Useful for aiding in the treatment of anxiety and restlessness, it can also help alleviate digestive issues, such as nausea and upset stomach so common with travel-related sickness or stress.

“I also used German Chamomile in the Happy Tracks blend, with its calming and sedative qualities, it assists in creating feelings of relaxation.”

Happy Tracks amends to each user, taking into account the constantly changing environments and surroundings that each trip or situation may endure.

The blend should be rubbed into the wrists, feet and stomach before the click of the seatbelt or ahead of a big event.

The perfect travel size, handbag essential or schoolbag must-have, Happy Tracks mix of essential oils is essential to have on hand for those times where many are caught unaware with an upset or anxious stomach.

Happy Tracks, $24.95, www.hanankotherapies.com

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