6 June 2017

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“Let’s face it, there’s a big difference between knowing what you should do and actually doing it.”

In her latest book, Make Your Mark, Margie Warrell, best-selling author and internationally renowned thought leader, helps readers get to the heart of what is keeping them stuck, so they can quit making excuses and start making changes.

Margie’s Background

Warrell has lived a diverse life, she grew up on a dairy farm, taught leadership at NASA, interviewed Richard Branson and climbed Kilimanjaro with her four teenage children.

Margie draws on her life experiences to provide a road map to steer readers back on track and onto a larger and more rewarding life.

“What I’ve learned since growing up on a farm with a vision that extended little beyond the back paddock, is that our lives are as big as we dare to make them,” Margie says.

About Make Your Mark

Margie has drawn on the latest research in positive psychology, performance coaching and mindfulness to take readers on a journey of self-reflection, self-discovery and help them set ‘brave goals’ in seven practical steps.

Margie believes that, “unless people connect to a bigger ‘why’ and get real about the price they pay for doing more of the same, nothing will change.”

“Only when we are committed to stand for a purpose greater than ourselves, will the bravest part of us rise up,” she says.

Rather than giving readers all the answers, Margie helps people find their own.

In Make Your Mark, Margie taps into what science has shown to be a powerful tool to process negative emotions, reframe problems and refine high order thinking by inviting readers to not just simply read but to reflect on powerful questions.

Rave Reviews

Make Your Mark has been described as a must read by Bear Grylls, Grammy Award winning Estelle and the President of the UN Foundation Kathy Calvin. “It’s a roadmap for life. Read. Now”, Estelle says.

Margie’s voice is authentic and wise, and her advice is a magical mixture of inspiring and practical. Filled with her trademark practical wisdom, Make Your Mark is “A book for the brave!” Bear Grylls says.

Make your mark is a book to be read with an open mind and pen in hand.


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