12 May 2017


Every year when Mother’s Day comes around, many of us become overwhelmed with trying to find a gift that can adequately thank our mothers, grandmothers and other inspiring women in our lives for what they have done and given us.

A mother’s touch and love is unrivalled compared to most relationships and often those typical gifts of jewellery and flowers don’t seem to measure up.

Natural skincare expert, Samantha Sargent recommends a whole new approach to gift giving this Mother’s Day. “The act of a loving presence is one of the most powerful gifts you can give and is too often forgotten. Being completely present is more meaningful, intimate and rare gift to give our mothers”, she explains.

Samantha suggests using mindful gifts that can be used together, as a way to bond and spend quality time with our loved ones.

A hand treatment, bath crystals and chemical free skin care products are some of Samantha’s top picks for Mother’s Day gifting.

“Crystal tinctures and herbs can improve your wellbeing and restore energy, a perfect gift to help your mum unwind,” she says.

AEOS Organic Skincare

Samantha is also the lead distributor of organic skincare brand AEOS.  “Our products are skin loving blends that not only nourish the body but also the soul,” Samantha says.

Many of the ingredients used in AEOS products are extracted from a sustainable, biodynamic farm in England and are cultivated to bring new life and vitality to the soil that AEOS grows.

Her vast knowledge of natural skincare has positioned Samantha as a respected advocate and leader in the health and beauty industry.

Her holistic and common sense approach to the industry has allowed her to help improve the health and happiness of her customers, clients and reader’s daily lives.

This Mother’s Day, consider giving the a well thought out, powerful gift which allows you to spend quality time with your mother, grandmother or an inspiring woman in your life.

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