24 May 2017


We are excited to announce that H2coco has joined the McKell Media family as they roll out their first-to-market 100 per cent pure watermelon water, H2melon. Innovation is at the heart of the H2 brand and, combined with founder David Freeman’s entrepreneurial spirit, we know this partnership is the perfect fit.

H2melon is the second first-to-market product from David who says he is “constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve and bring more innovation to the market”.

And with watermelon predicted as the biggest superfood trend of 2017 – David’s timing is perfect, once again proving that he is well ahead of the pack with his forward-thinking ideas.

Inspiration Behind H2melon

David’s latest venture was inspired by a trip to the Nevada Desert where he had his first of cold-pressed watermelon water. When David returned home, he began avidly researching ways to bring watermelon water to the Aussie market.

The process was a long and arduous one – David discovering that there are more than 1200 different variations of watermelon in the world, 33 of those being in Thailand, one of the locations where H2coco coconut water is sourced.

Months later, he found the best source to supply watermelons year round, his vision for H2melon finally coming to life.

It’s Perfect For Aussies

David says, “our message for H2melon is that it’s fun, it’s tasty, and it also contains potassium, amino acids and antioxidants.”

H2melon products are made from 100 per cent pure watermelon and is free from all those unwanted nasties like added sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives. It is straight from the melon to the mouth.

Unlike David’s original venture with H2coco, watermelon is a much-loved favourite among Aussies.

“Whether it’s been your favourite type of fruit, lolly or lip balm, watermelon has been in your life. H2melon will provides that classic, familiar flavour of watermelon we all know and love,” says David. And the best part, H2melon provides the taste of Summer all year round.

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